By Liza Grandia

This impassioned and rigorous research of the territorial plight of the Q'eqchi Maya of Guatemala highlights an pressing challenge for indigenous groups all over the world - repeated displacement from their lands. Liza Grandia makes use of the instruments of ethnography, historical past, cartography, and ecology to discover the ordinary enclosures of Guatemala's moment biggest indigenous staff, who quantity 1000000 robust. Having misplaced so much in their highland territory to overseas espresso planters on the finish of the nineteenth century, Q'eqchi' humans begun migrating into the lowland forests of northern Guatemala and southern Belize. Then, driven deeper into the frontier by means of livestock ranchers, lowland Q'eqchi' came across themselves in clash with biodiversity conservationists who confirmed safe parts throughout this sector in the course of the 1990s.

The lowland, maize-growing Q'eqchi' of the twenty first century face much more difficulties as they're swept into worldwide markets throughout the Dominican Republic-Central the US loose exchange contract (DR-CAFTA) and the Puebla to Panama Plan (PPP). The waves of dispossession imposed upon them, pushed by way of encroaching espresso plantations, livestock ranches, and guarded parts, have unsettled those agrarian humans. Enclosed describes how they've got confronted and survived their demanding situations and, in doing so, is helping to provide an explanation for what's occurring in different modern enclosures of public "common" house.

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While admitting that some extra-economic force was needed to jump-start capital, Adam Smith attributed the “accumulation of stock” to the greater division of labor in a society (2007: 212–13). Thomas Malthus used abstract mathematical reasoning to argue that while enclosures caused suffering, population growth would intensify scarcity and lead to even more suffering, thereby justifying the privatization of common resources and naturalizing the unequal distribution of land and wealth in society (2004).

I was impressed by their clear understanding of the contradictions of foreign investment and neoliberalism. This led to another discussion about their fears that after the election, the new government would privatize more essential government services. Someone had even heard a rumor that the nearby archaeological ruins of Cancuen might be given away to foreigners under the PPP. [Field notes, October 13, 2002] Postscript: I later heard that Francesca’s brother helped organize the village to confront one of the ranchers, but his family paid dearly for his courage.

We still rely on common sense, privilege information that is common knowledge, and root our legal systems in common law. I happen to reside in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (also the official title of the states of Kentucky, Virginia, and Pennsylvania), so named to emphasize governance by the people’s will. ” The history of the commons and their enclosure also continues to resonate deeply with contemporary global social movements. Indeed, the idea of the commons has become a powerful iconographic image for struggles over shared access to global information and intellectual property via the Internet.

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