By Stanley E. Porter

How does a Christian render unto Caesar what's Caesar's, and unto God what's God's? This booklet is the results of the Bingham Colloquium of 2007 that introduced students from throughout North the US to ascertain the recent Testament's reaction to the empires of God and Caesar. chapters lay the basis for that reaction within the previous Testament's notion of empire, and 6 others handle the reaction to the thought of empire, either human and divine, within the quite a few authors of the recent testomony. a last bankruptcy investigates how the church fathers appeared the problem. The essays exhibit a variety of equipment and positions; jointly, notwithstanding, they provide a consultant pattern of the present nation of research of the idea of empire within the New testomony.

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How sweet is your pleasure against my breast! I establish you in my sanctuary. I marvel at you. I place your might and the fear of you in all lands, dread of you to the limits of the four supports of heaven" (Gardiner, Egyptian Grammar, 90, translation slightly modified). Assyrian Annals had "bombastic and superlative descriptions of the king as well as . . self-aggrandizing descriptions of building projects, military feats, and booty lists" (Sparks, Ancient Texts, 370). S T U A R T — D a v i d s Costly Flirtation with Empire-Building that t h e y speak frankly o f their political-military agendas and a c c o m ­ plishments.

16. As in Pentateuchal law, the individual prescriptions were intended to serve not only as determinative in their own right but as examples to be extrapolated from in deciding related cases. 21 E M P I R E IN T H E N E W T E S T A M E N T 22 god among kings, acquainted with wisdom . . the one who seizes the foe . . who pacifies the heart of Adad, the warrior . . the chief of kings, a fighter without p e e r . . who made his kingdom great; the first of kings; the subduer of the settlements along the Euphrates with the help of Dagan, his creator .

S T U A R T — D a v i d s Costly Flirtation with Empire-Building have o t h e r w i s e w a n t e d to b e i n d e p e n d e n t o f o n e a n o t h e r (as Israel a n d Judah b e c a m e after S o l o m o n s death)—areas united b y force o f c o n q u e s t (via S a u l s partially successful attempts a n d D a v i d s r e m a r k a b l y success­ ful c a m p a i g n s ) a n d ruled f r o m a central capital (eventually Jerusalem, captured for j u s t such a purpose b y D a v i d ) . This is n o t t h e s a m e thing as a typical ancient N e a r E a s t e r n empire, however.

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