By Joyce Marcus

Joyce Marcus reconstructs vintage Maya political association by using proof derived from epigraphy, payment development surveys, and locational research. This examine describes the advance of a four-tiered payment hierarchy and its next cave in.

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Laguna Petexbatún emblem glyph (Stela 2, A9, La Amelía) d. Laguna Petexbatún emblem glyph (Stela 16, c6, Dos Pilas) 3 AGUATECA a d There may be two variants ofT-778 as emblem glyph. Sometimes T-77 8 appears as the bound head of an animal; more commonly T-77 8 appears as a bundle with an eye or a heart as an infix (see Figs. 4·3, 4. 11 ). 1fT-778 is a variant OfT-716, as Thompson (1962:372) has suggested, the Tikal lord may also be the overlord ofAguateca or various Pasión River sites (Fig. 4. 12 ).

78 ] [ 79 ] S3 41 a en­ ~~o~) ~@ 00 11(j) ~o 0 '1 ~j" ° nTlbl ,'--JLJf/ '2~~';-; O 0° \V )) 0 o ~o g Fig. 17 Clauses referring to two rulers-Shield-Jaguar and Bird-jaguar-at Yaxehilán (redrawn from Thompson 1950: Fig. 46). a. Shield-Jaguar, Captor of Ahau, T-562 emblem gIyph (Lintel 46, F'5-F'7). b. 4 "Ben-Ich" katuns, Shield-Jaguar, Captor of Ahau, T-511 emblem gIyph, Imix/eomb/lmix (Lintel 25. Al-A4). c. 5 "Ben-Ich" katuns, Captor of Ahau, Shield-jaguar, T-562 and T-511 emblem gIyphs, Imix/ eomb/lmix (Lintel 56, Kl-L2).

O. o Stela 3; A9b; A16a; D12a 9. 12. 10. o. O. 13. O. o. 17. o. O. 13. o. o. 14. O. o. o 9. 4· o. O. o 9. 4· o. o. 12. 14. o 9. 14. 17·14 9. 10. O. 18. 5. 3. 11. 1. 2. o 9. 8. 13. ling asit doesin Cycle 1, is called anon-contemporaneous date, as it falls in legendary times. 168 :764 Calakmul Location Stela 29, in headdress of grotesque head Stela 1, Az8 9. o. o. o. 5 85C The secondary sites of Quiriguá and Piedras Negras became competitive with their regional capitals (Copán and Yaxchilán, respectively) and appear to have been somewhat autonomous.

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