By Pak Nung Wong

Qualifying post-Westphalian sovereign statehood as a ‘power’ as argued for in Hendrik Berkhoff’s political theology, this ebook addresses the decades-long theological-spiritual debate among Christian realism and Christian pacifism in U.S. overseas coverage and worldwide Christian circles. It methods the controversy by means of delving into the pacifist Anabaptist political theology and delineates empirically how sovereign statehood in post-colonial Africa and Asia has fallen into the fingers of the satan devil, as a ‘fallen strength’ within the Foucaultian phrases of strength constructions, strategies and episteme. whereas the publication deals intervention schemes and innovations, it holds that Christian statecraft continues to be the resource of wish to successfully handle a couple of critical international matters. via extension, the publication is hence a call for participation to ignite debates at the suitability of Christian statecraft and the nexus among spirituality and global politics, making it particularly fascinating for students and scholars within the fields of overseas Politics, Politics of Asian and African States, Post-colonial reports and Political Theology.

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