By Joseph Talutto

It's been seven years because the Upheaval. Seven years of combating the hordes of the undead. John Talon and his relations are hoping to eventually calm down and begin their lives over again.
But within the grasslands of Iowa, a brand new probability has emerged. a brand new kind of the Enillo Virus, not like any obvious prior to, threatens to resolve the delicate new nation. John, Charlie, Duncan, and Tommy will locate their abilities placed to the attempt as they face off opposed to the worst of the virus.

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The poison they had so easily replaced with yet another endless, disgusting craving. No, the heavy shroud of fog made no difference. If you listened carefully, and knew what to pay attention to, you could hear them, slithering around the walls, searching out weaknesses, wheedling for an invitation. But he was a good learner, if not a very fast one, and now he was wise to them. Wise to what they could do to him—and what they could not. So long as he stayed here, in this room, under protection of so much warding, he was safe.

He knew that somehow. But there was nothing. Only a pale, cool gray. And the sounds he couldn't hear. David shuddered again. His fingers clenched on the windowsill, and it seemed for a moment as though he were fighting with himself. Then his eyes closed, his shoulders bowed, and his head moved forward until his forehead touched the window itself, resting his entire body weight on that slight contact. The position was one of exhaustion, of resignation, but the play of muscles along his back showed the tension within.

But she couldn't bring herself to be angry at Derek. Not when the safety of everyone on the island might be at risk. In fact, considering Derek's occasional temper, he was being quite well behaved. " she asked David, raising one blond eyebrow in an expression that was at once amused and compassionate, what Alex called her trust-me-I'm-a-doctor face. And, as usual, it worked. " David relented. Rachel laughed. "I promise. No ducks. You'll be in control of yourself. " He considered that for a long moment.

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