By Jonathan Maberry

A jail health professional injects a condemned serial killer with a formulation designed to maintain his recognition unsleeping whereas his physique rots within the grave.  yet all medications have unexpected side-effects.  ahead of he may be buried, the killer wakes up.  Hungry.  Infected.  Contagious.  this is often the way in which the area ends.  now not with a bang…but a chew.

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To my surprise, he shook his head. “Considering that Maguire must be a real cash cow, I doubt I’d be able to get her to back off. ” Great. I was broke. I was unemployed. I was being sued. I was being followed and otherwise investigated. And through all this, I was supposed to help restore Lugh to his throne while his enemies made repeated attempts to kill us. I really needed to get a new life. Mine, frankly, sucked. CHAPTER 2 I offered to make a pot of coffee, because caffeine is my drug of choice.

He asked. I crossed my arms over my chest. ” “Of course not,” I said through gritted teeth. “There’s no standard procedure. ” Brian already knew this, so I wasn’t expecting my answer to satisfy him. “But there are some things most exorcisms have in common, aren’t there? ” I rolled my eyes. “A lot of people do that,” I admitted, “but it doesn’t actually do anything. ” Oh shit! It didn’t take a genius to figure out where he was going with this. I’d always had a more no-nonsense style than most of my fellow exorcists.

Her real name is Barbara Paget. ” I groaned and sank into one of the chairs. A reporter was bad enough, but a PI? “Let me guess. ” “I don’t know for sure, but that’s a good guess. ” He pushed another couple of photos across the table to me. One of them was a family shot—mom, dad, and two beautiful teenage girls, maybe about sixteen years old. The girls looked so much alike that they had to be twins, although they didn’t go for the cutesy matching clothes some twins favored. The second photo was of what had once been a pair of cars.

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