By Chris Strom

In Dart for Hipsters, you persist with project-based chapters demonstrating real-world difficulties solved with Dart. each one undertaking serves because the starting place for deeper dialogue of defining positive aspects of Dart, corresponding to its help for sensible programming. As you strengthen your knowing of Dart, you’ll flow directly to extra complicated tasks which, in flip, spur extra complicated discussions, comparable to how one can retain Dart and JavaScript side-by-side. via the tip of this e-book, not just will you might have a radical advent to the language, yet you’ll even have outfitted a whole MVC library from scratch.

Since Dart goals to be time-honored, you won’t see the standard “Hello, World.” as an alternative, you bounce correct in by means of writing an Ajax-powered program, via a extra distinctive dialogue of Dart’s simple varieties. alongside the way in which, Dart for Hipsters indicates you the way to assemble Dart into JavaScript, tips on how to use Dart’s basic object-oriented programming procedure, and the way to construct well-factored, simply used and maintained libraries. You’ll see dynamic gains of the language in motion, comparable to injecting assorted info syncing behaviors for a complete framework with one line of code. better of all, you’ll find out how Dart makes operating with HTML5 and comparable applied sciences a breeze.

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You will desire Dartium, a preview unencumber of Chrome with the Dart VM integrated. For a number of the examples, you would like both the dart2js instrument or the Dart Editor to assemble Dart down into JavaScript.

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Load (in other words, on success) event • Replacing the model’s attributes with data returned from the server • Dispatching a “model-saved” event so that collections and views can update themselves appropriately • Invoking an optional callback so that the object that called save() can respond appropriately Whoa! There is a lot going on with a simple save, and the code reflects it. dart #import('dart:json'); class ComicBook { // ... send(json); } } This should start to look quite familiar now. We create an XHR object, open it to POST to the model’s url, set the HTTP header as JSON, and send the serialized model attributes.

Function fib(i) { if (i < 2) return i; return fib(i-2) + fib(i-1); } Astute readers will note that the Dart version lacks the function keyword. Aside from that, the two function definitions are identical, as is invoking the two. fib(1); // => 1 fib(5); // => 5 fib(10); // => 55 If nothing else, we can see that the designers of the Dart language have certainly succeeded in producing something familiar. 1 Anonymous Functions The experienced JavaScript programmer is well-versed in using anonymous functions.

Document. query('ul#people-list'). queryAll('li'). addClass('highlight'); }); Although Dart makes working with the DOM easier than working with pure JavaScript, there are still some things that jQuery does a little better. The bottom line with finding elements on a page in Dart is that query() and queryAll() do pretty much what you expect, making it easy to query the DOM. 3 • 27 Adding Things Creating and adding new elements in an HTML document requires the combination of two Dart concepts: an Element and a Node.

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