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Mac knew it was the vase of flowers, tossed out by Darien to prove some point. Then Darien left, cursing, stomping, down the stairs to his car. The only thing…prison or killed. Mac didn’t have the strength to kill Darien. And if he did, he wouldn’t survive prison. He’d be shanked to death, tormented, or tortured by Darien’s buddies on the inside. The only thing left was to get the man arrested and imprisoned for a long time. The rest of the night Mac stayed awake, knocking futilely on the wall to get Lisa’s attention, listening to her sob.

Enter Pete Crowther. And thus, to the book you now hold. This concept made concrete. I was fortunate enough to find enough writers who understood what I was trying to do, who were passionate Springsteen fans, who grasped the notion that his music could influence their writing. How it would all come together was something I could only, in the beginning, wonder about. If I had any fears, they were quickly squashed as the stories began to trickle in. The authors did exactly what I asked of them. They shared my vision and my passion.

Mac had never heard such despair in his life, nor had ever felt it as strongly or completely himself. Two days later, Darien drove to the apartment building with Lisa in tow. He’d picked her up from work and had a need he wanted her to fill. He brought her up the stairs, past Mac’s peek hole, and into her apartment. Darien’s mood was hard to pinpoint, he seemed distracted though not particulary angry. He didn’t stay long with Lisa, but when he came out he encountered a legless young man in a wheelchair blocking the staircase.

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