By Thomas A. Watson

An omnibus version that includes the 1st volumes in Thomas A. Watson's darkish Titan trip series.

The long-predicted Coronal Mass Ejection has eventually hit the Earth, almost destroying civilization. Nathan Owens has been prepping for a catastrophe like this for years, yet now he’s one thousand miles clear of his family members and his shelter. He’ll need to hire all his hard-won survivalist abilities to avoid wasting his present neighborhood, ahead of he starts his lengthy trip via doomsday to come again domestic.

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Occasionally horror is within the brain. and occasionally it's actual. Telling the variation isn't continually effortless. It wasn't for Joe Creed. He'd simply photographed the substitute. Now he needed to pay the fee. simply because he regularly concept that demons have been only a shaggy dog story. however the shaggy dog story was once on him. And it wasn't very humorous.

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Each day things seemed to get stranger and stranger with Billy Bob and the Magic Wagon, and I didn't see no letup in sight. Since we'd fixed them busted sideboards up with them sacred trees from the Dakotas and Billy Bob had bought that rock-hard body in the box, things had gotten considerably curious. Strangest thing was this storm that had taken to following us wherever we went, though it hadn't caught up with us yet. Sometimes we got a little wind and rain from it, that sort of thing, but never the full blow.

There were dead chickens lying about, like feather dusters, pieces of wood and one mule lying on his back, legs sticking up in the air like a table blowed over. Didn't see a sign of the other mule or the cows. Wasn't none of this something I hadn't already seen, but now with the flooring in, and my immediate comfort taken care of, I found I just couldn't face picking up dead chickens and burning a mule carcass. I went back inside the tent and felt sorry for myself as that's all there was to do, besides eat, and I'd done that till I was about to pop.

With his head, he motioned me up. "Then we didn't hear nothing no more," Mr. Onin said. "I went up there to check on him and he'd pulled the bars out of one of the windows and got out. " Papa had taken out his pocket knife and tobacco bar, and he was cutting a chaw off of it. "Reckon you went right then to the sheriff to tell him your boy run off," Papa said, and there was an edge to his voice, like when he finds me peeing out back too close to the house. "Naw," Mr. Onin said, looking at the ground, "I didn't.

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