By Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Ma Prema Veena

In line with a disciple's query one morning approximately who he's, why he's known as Bhagwan, and what he's doing the following, Bhagwan responded: "The note Bhagwan is particularly beautiful--the English be aware God isn't as appealing , Bhagwan easily capacity Blessed One. I claim myself to be the Blessed one, yet I claim it merely that you can achieve center and you'll additionally attempt for it; in order that my presence can turn into a dream in you--a hearth that might burn you and during which you'll be reborn.

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Many other questions are there, questions about making a synthesis of love and meditation, of heart and mind, of thought and feeling -- because many people would like to move on both the ways together. Synthesis comes, but you cannot make it. If you follow the path of meditation, one day you will attain to love as a consequence. If you follow the path of love, one day you will attain to meditation as a consequence. Synthesis comes, but you will have to follow one path. If you try to follow two you will be in confusion.

You love a person and you can hate him any moment. You were ready to die for him, and now you are ready to kill him. A friend can become foe any moment. Man is contradictory, schizophrenic. And the blind man said, 'IN ALL MY EXPERIENCE, HOWEVER, BANKEI'S VOICE WAS ALWAYS SINCERE. ' It was pure, uncontaminated by the opposite, uncorrupted, uncontradicted. It was simple. It was not complex. It was sincere. ' This simplicity is the goal of Zen; this sincerity is the goal of Zen. I was reading a few lines of T.

If you had said, 'I am unhappy,' your breathing would have remained natural. There was no conflict. ' Immediately you are repressing something -- something that was coming up, you have forced down. In this very effort your breathing changes its rhythm; it is no longer rhythmical. Your face is no longer graceful, your eyes become cunning. First watch others because it will be easier to watch others. You can be more objective about them. And when you have found clues about them use the same clues about yourself.

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