By Gary Weber Ph.D.

The 1st part is a range of sixty Bhagavad Gita verses in a question and resolution structure selected for his or her useful software to facilitate nondual awakening. comprises word-by-word Sanskrit, transliteration, and translation into English, with precis sentences and observation. subject matters lined comprise the character of Self, demise, practices for and hindrances to nondual awakening, dealing w/desires, renunciation or no longer, religion, steps in awakening, chance of good fortune in awakening, affecting/changing the realm, moods, being disrespected, operating successfully and completely within the daily global, loose will and keep an eye on, hand over and letting move, and the bliss of awakening. the second one part is a "Dialogues" part which provides dialogues in a query and resolution structure with practitioners on key parts and questions of the Bhagavad Gita because it applies to nondual awakening. This comprises sections on free-will, perform and awakening in lifestyle w/full-time activity and kin, quit, sin and karma, cognitive neuroscience, quantum physics, preventing recommendations, facing anger, self-inquiry, and hindrances to and reviews of nondual awakening.

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But then i see that thought. There is nothing to win or lose. How could there be? Question. So life was never Dominic’s to claim as his? When Dominic’s body is gone, awareness is left. Does awareness have a memory? Does awareness remember experiences? Why am I here? , Where did his imagination come from? 97 BEYOND G: Wonderful understandings arising in your work, and your relationship w/your wife. “Work”, even highly complex and fastmoving work like yours, goes on more easily, and more fully, w/o all of the problematic, stress-causing, emotionally-based narrative.

G: This “process” is ultimately out of your control. The brain is doing it “all by itself”, so all of the angst and protestations are just the I/me/my creating stories about a process it isn’t involved in, doesn’t understand, and can’t find a way to stop. The I/me/my is fighting for its “life”. 99 BEYOND Re “giving up”, try it and see if you can. Just “let go, let go, let go” of these stories as they arise. As jealousy, with its stories and projections, arises, just ask “Is this true? , How do i feel when the jealousy is there?

However, we now know from our cognitive neuroscientific research and exhaustive studies on “brain training” and meditation, that it does in fact require about 10,000 hrs to master any skill whether it is surgery, rock climbing, violin, chess, fire fighting, or awakening. Dialogues on Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and Nondual Awakening The importance of the Bhagavad Gita is not in intellectual discourses or philosophical analysis, but in the application of its teaching to the “battlefield” of everyday life.

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