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Subscribe to animal lover Jim Dunlap as he stocks with you a few of his comical animal reviews and his wide services to teach you ways to get with your normal buddies. study the secrets and techniques of luck for sharing your sanity and habitat with city flora and fauna. Jim additionally exhibits you ways to set and bait traps to humanely get rid of undesirable animals equivalent to possums and raccoons from the attic, in addition to the best way to discourage harmful animal habit.

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I know, we've all heard the word but I, for one, never knew what suet was! " Suet is hard fat that the butcher cuts off beef. It can be purchased at the grocery store. There are many ways to serve suet to your bird friends. The easiest is to just tie a strip of suet to a tree limb or put a nail through a big chunk into the tree. To feed birds seed is simple; you could just buy bird seed and spread it on the ground. However, this may attract unwanted animals such as rats and mice so it is best to use a bird feeder.

New placewe fix! This real ''indoor zoo'' is scheduled for completion in January 1989, and I can hardly wait! Update: I visited the new center yesterday and it was a beehive of activity. " Boy, I love that technical talk! As I stood in the exhibit area, I wanted to spread my arms and do the scene like Julie Andrews in that meadow in the mountains in Sound of Music! I looked up at the exposed beam ceiling that is a good twenty feet from the floor and imagined my spider monkey, Monchichi, getting loose.

Take him home and hug him and squeeze him and love him. At the same time you must be sure that he gets all of the aforementioned amenities. About mid-September take the turtle back east where you found him and let him be Page 34 on his merry way. He will have to do some eating to put on fat. He will also have to search for a suitable hole before the weather turns cold and he hibernates. I secretly wish that box turtles really knew something about the marshal arts. " Page 35 Brown Recluse Spider If you read things alphabetically you have already read about the black widow spider and how its bite will put a wrinkle in your polyester.

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