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7 Ditto; I love Ezida, along with our Nabu! 8 Ditto; I love Sapazzu, along with Belsarbi! • 9 Ditto; I love Cutha, along with Nergal! 10 Ditto; I love Der, along with IStaran! 11 Ditto' I love Kis and Ehursagkalamma! 12 Ditto~ I love Sippar, along with SamaS! 13 Ditto; I love the Inner City, along with Assur! R. George, SAAR 1 (1987) 3 Iff. 4 Eka-lu-li-id: taken to refe! t? ddess as a bride, cf. l. v. kullulu. Possibly also (with George) [E]ZEN lu-ll-za, temple of my dehghtful festival" . 17 The hea[rt ...

13 NabU-bel-sumati [ ...... ] l4 who with treachery [ ...... ] 15 your [ ... ] ... [ ...... ] (Break) 5 6 Nabu-[bel-sumati ...... ] with his servant [...... ] 5 speaks [...... ] 6 You will keep me alive [ ...... ] 7 the web [ ...... ] 8 Who is ... [...... ] 9 Their nonexistence [...... ] 10 Assurbanipal [...... ] II His enemies [...... ] (Rest destroyed) d 4 22. KI e-da-nu-u[s-su x x x x x x x x] 14' 15' 16' 17' 18' 19' 20' 21' 22 (Beginning destroyed) [x]a~abf[u'xxxxxxxxxxxx] x x x] 12' 13' 21.

5 The Lady is seated on a lion, on a ... [... ]; mighty lions crouch beneath her. 7 The kings of (all) land( s) are overwhelmed before her, [she holds] domination over beasts [ ... ]. 9 All kinds of sac[rifice]s [... ] in elation, all kinds of offering flour [ ... ] in elation. 11 •••••• of bright Arbela is put in place [ ...... ]. 12 The pigu instrument of ... [ ...... ] is tuned! The lyre of the [assin]nu is tuned! The ... of the kurgarru is tuned. The ... [ ... ] is tuned ( to ) the songs of the kulmas[itu] hierodules.

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