By Zecharia Sitchin

Many hundreds of thousands of years in the past, a bunch of extraterrestrials from one other planet guided the evolution of existence on Earth—determining the life and nature of humankind as we all know it this present day. How did the grasp developers from the celebrities build the miracle referred to as guy? Is the DNA that's on the center of all existence within the universe a "cosmic code" that hyperlinks Earth to heaven and guy to God? during this 6th quantity of The Earth Chronicles, Zecharia Sitchin unveils writings from the previous to decipher prophesies, and divulges how the DNA-matched Hebrew alphabet and the numerical values of its letters function a code that bares the secrets and techniques of mortal man’s destiny and mankind’s celestial future.

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There the followers of the god of Babylon began to build "a tower whose head can reach the heavens"—a launch tower, we would say nowadays. " they said—not a "name" as is commonly translated, but the original meaning of the Sumerian source of the word MU—a rocketlike object. C. Descending from the skies, the leader of the Elohim ordered the tower destroyed. Both the biblical version and the Mesopotamian texts report that it was in the aftermath of this incident that the Elohim decided to "confuse Mankind's language," to prevent Mankind from acting in unison.

The many other similarities between the two have been expounded in The Wars of Gods and Men. So were the reasons for identifying me Egyptian god THOTH, a son of Ptah and keeper of divine secret knowledge, as the god Ningishzidda of the Sumerian texts. In time Ptah/Enki handed over the reign over Egypt to his son Marduk/Ra; but the latter was not appeased. Reign over the whole Earth was his birthright, he kept asserting; and that led to conflicts with the Enlilites that we described as the Pyramid Wars.

Marduk, on the other hand, was given the low rank 10. g. "the god 30" for Nannar/Sin. The table in Fig. 20 identifies the Great Gods by parentage and rank, highlighting the twelve Great Gods. But why twelve! The answer, we believe, lies in another major problem that the Anunnaki faced once they changed their mission from a one-time mineral-extracting expedition to a long-term settlement with almost a thousand of them involved. From their viewpoint, they had come from a planet with a "normal" orbit to one that crazily runs around the Sun, orbiting the Sun 3,600 times in one (Nibiru) year (one orbital period).

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