By Yong Huang

A transparent and thorough account of Confucius and his principles, underscoring his relevance to either chinese language humans and to humans within the West.


a transparent and thorough account of Confucius and his principles, underscoring his relevance to either chinese language humans and to humans within the West. Read more...

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24). So an upright person is not merely a person who says or does things according to whatever he or she feels; rather it is a person who always says and does the right thing. 3). For this reason, a person who acts uprightly sometimes may need to overcome what he or she actually feels in his or her heart, if what he or she feels is not a morally right thing. Of course, a truly virtuous person, such as Confucius after he turns 70, will always feel the right thing, and so the person will always act uprightly if he or she does so according to what he or she feels in his heart.

17). Ranqiu, however, complained: “it was not that I didn’t like your teaching but that I was not strong enough” to resist Ji Kangzi. 12). When Ji Kangzi planned an attack on Zhuanyu 櫢咍, he sent Ranqiu and Zilu to Confucius for his opinion. Zhuanyu was an ancient state, currently within and subjected to the state of Lu, and so Confucius thought there was no need to attack it. indd 29 8/18/2001 5:39:47 PM 30 CONFUCIUS if it was their idea to attack, Ranqiu replied that it was Ji Kangzi who wanted to attack, while they originally did not.

1 In the State of Wei (497 BCE–493 BCE) The fi rst state Confucius went to was not Qi to the east of Lu but Wei ◺ to the west. indd 15 8/18/2001 5:39:46 PM 16 CONFUCIUS did at the summit meeting between Qi and Lu in the place of Jiagu. Several things drew him to Wei. 7). Second, Qi had a worthy minister, Ju Boyu 挌↾䘘. Confucius respected him, and he had sent a visitor to see Confucius a few years earlier. 26). Confucius spoke of Ju Boyu very highly, “What a superior person Ju Boyu is! 5). Third, there were personal connections.

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