By A. J. Shatkin, A. K. Banerjee, G. W. Both (auth.), Heinz Fraenkel-Conrat, Robert R. Wagner (eds.)

The time turns out ripe for a severe compendium of that section of the organic universe we name viruses. Virology, as a technological know-how, having handed only in the near past via its descriptive part of naming and num­ bering, has most likely reached that degree at which rather few new­ actually new-viruses should be stumbled on. brought on by way of the highbrow probes and methods of molecular biology, genetics, biochemical cytology, and high-resolution microscopy and spectroscopy, the sphere has skilled a real info explosion. Few severe makes an attempt were made to chronicle those occasions. This complete sequence, with a purpose to contain a few 6000 pages in a complete of approximately 22 volumes, represents a dedication by way of a wide team of energetic investigators to investigate, digest, and expostulate at the nice mass of knowledge in terms of viruses, a lot of that's now amorphous and disjointed, and scattered all through a large literature. during this approach, we are hoping to put the complete box in point of view, and to improve a useful reference and sourcebook for researchers and scholars in any respect degrees. This sequence is designed as a continuum that may be entered anyplace, yet which additionally presents a logical development of constructing evidence and built-in concepts.

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Similarly, in reticulocyte extracts incubated at the restrictive temperature of 37°C with ts2 26 S RNA, a 130K protein was the only product synthesized. It comigrated in SOS-polyacrylamide gels with the viral structural protein precursor from infected cells (Simmons and Strauss, 1974b). At the permissive temperature of 27°C, ts2 26 S RNA directed the synthesis of capsid protein and a lOOK product, the presumptive precursor of envelope proteins (Simmons and Strauss, 1974b). From the results of the in vitro studies, it appears that 26 S RNA codes for structural proteins, possibly in a manner analogous to that of picornavirus genome RNA.

1. la. = Genome) Picornaviruses Virion Proteins The picornaviruses include the structurally similar enteroviruses (poliovirus, coxsackieviruses), cardioviruses (encephalomyocarditis, EMC; mouse Elberfeld, mE; mengovirus), rhinoviruses, and foot-andmouth disease viruses (Levintow, 1974). 6 X 106 • The genome RNA is infectious and apparently functions directly as the viral mRNA without an intervening virion-associated polymerase. Virion RNA, like many eukaryotic mRNAs (Brawerman, 1974) contains poly(A} at the 3' terminus.

65-0 map unit in a clockwise direction (on the basis of cleavage at position zero by EeoRI). Treatment with enzyme HaeIII (from Haemophilus aegyptieus) which degrades the late region of the viral genome abolished VP 1 synthesis, but it should be noted that the formation of the 60K protein which appears to be related to T antigen, an early protein, was also abolished. However, in another study SV40-specific mRNA selected by hybridization to a restriction endonuclease fragment containing the early region of the viral DNA (HaeIII fragment A) directed the formation in wheat germ extract of a polypeptide that reacted with anti-T serum (A.

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