By Osho

Osho's imaginative and prescient encompasses the undying knowledge of the East and the top strength of Western technology and know-how. during this booklet, he responds to every query with love and mild humour, but by no means hiding the honesty of the reply.

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Even if many books on terrorism and spiritual extremism were released within the years considering Sept. 11, none of them written by way of Western authors demand the curtailment of spiritual freedom and freedom of expression for the sake of better defense. really, these terror-related debates have addressed what different civil liberties might be venerated.

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One has to go beyond all desires; only then is there contentment. Contentment is not at the end of a desire, contentment is not by fulfilling the desire, because the desire cannot be fulfilled. By the time you come to the fulfillment of your desire, you will find a thousand and one other desires have arisen. Each desire branches out into many new desires. And again and again it will happen, and your whole life will be wasted. Those who have known, those who have seen -- the buddhas, the awakened ones -- have all agreed on one point.

He was a rare man in many ways. He brought home a packet of cigarettes, handed it over to me and he said, "You experiment, you be finished with it! " And I tried and I was finished. Tears started coming to my eyes, I started coughing, and I could not understand why people should do such stupid things and torture themselves. Since then, whenever I see anybody smoking, I think he must be an ascetic, a great saint doing some penance! But Adam and Eve were treated by God the Father as every father treats every child.

You will be continuously at others' throats and they will be continuously at your throat. Then life becomes what Charles Darwin says: the survival of the fittest. In fact, his use of the word "fittest" is not right. What he really means by the fittest is the most cunning, the most animal-like, the most stubborn, the most stupid, the most ugly. Charles Darwin will not say that Buddha is the fittest or Jesus is the fittest or Socrates is the fittest. These people were killed so easily, and the people who killed them survived.

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