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Nana Asma'u Bint Usman 'dan Fodio, a nineteenth-century Muslim student, lived within the sector referred to now as northern Nigeria and used to be an eyewitness to battles of the biggest of the West-African jihads of the period. The education and behavior of the jihad give you the themes for Nana Asma'u's poetry. Her paintings additionally comprises treatises on background, legislation, mysticism, theology, and politics, and was once seriously inspired by way of the Arabic poetic tradition. 
     This quantity includes annotated translations of works by means of the nineteenth century highbrow massive, Nana Asma'u, together with fifty four poems and prose texts. Asma'u rallied public opinion at the back of a flow dedicated to the revival of Islam in West Africa, and arranged a public schooling procedure for women.

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Asma'u drew upon her special knowledge to promote education in Islam. Having memorized the Qur'an, she knew about the penalties of sin and the tortures of Hell, which are thoroughly recounted in it. Her poem Fear This tells in chilling detail what awaits those who do not devote themselves to a life of upright behavior and good works. Similarly, Signs of the Day of Judgment warns of the imminence of the end of the world, and the importance of following the Sunna to avoid eternal damnation. Asma'u knew about Islamic medicinal treatments based on the use of Qur'anic texts, and spoke of them with authority.

Such a task required her quadri-lingual skills, and an intimate knowledge of the Shehu's entire corpus of writings, which were extensive, since he had been writing since the time he was twelve. Furthermore, this project would have required an extraordinary memory to allow her to catalogue innumerable pages of unbound texts that had suffered decades of use and transportation from one encampment to another during the jihad years. Only someone who was of unquestionable trust, and whose ability was revered, would be equal to thejob.

22 Boyd & Mack/The Collected Works ofNanaAsma'u (Infakul Maisuri, 1975 edition: 7) ,. Asma'u was very familiar with the Shehu's preaching about the requirements of the Sharf/a, encouraging people to follow the Sunna, bringing people from error to righteousness, extirpation of devilish innovation, and spreading the Sharf/a. In his sermons on sufism he preached about the qualities which lead to damnation (conceit, vanity, envy, ill-will, failure to give alms, showing off, greed for status, greed for wealth, boasting, evil thoughts to Muslims).

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