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Defining A British State: Treason and National Identity, 1608-1820 (Studies in Modern History)

This booklet explores the formation of the British nation and nationwide identification from 1603-1832 by way of analyzing the definitions of sovereignty and allegiance offered in treason trials. The king remained vital to nationwide id and the kingdom till Republican demanding situations pressured prosecutors in treason trials to innovate and redefine sovereign authority.

Writing the History of the Mind (Science, Technology and Culture, 1700-1945)

For far of the 20 th century, French highbrow existence was once ruled via theoreticians and historians of mentalite. normally, the learn of the brain and of its limits and features was once the area of philosophy, despite the fact that within the first a long time of the 20 th century practitioners of the emergent human and social sciences have been more and more competing with philosophers during this box: ethnologists, sociologists, psychologists and historians of technology have been all claiming to check 'how humans think'.

Georg Büchner Jahrbuch: Band 11: 2005-2008 (Georg Büchner Jahrbuch)

The purpose of the Georg Büchner Yearbook, that is released at abnormal durations, is to serve Büchner study as a discussion board for stock-taking and innovation, mirrored image and debate, for documenting assets and providing details rapidly, to aid serious debate and realizing, and in so doing to hide the entire diversity of study findings and discussions in either their substance and their technique.

Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the ESCWA Region 2006-2007

The survey concentrates on macroeconomic concerns pursuant to fiscal and Social fee for Western Asia (ESCWA) answer 270 on macroeconomic coverage for monetary balance, which well-known the pressing have to research the temporary financial results and the long term attainable final result of the present oil increase.

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In France, Louis XIV had just embarked upon the long years of his personal reign following the death of Cardinal Mazarin. In England, the printed pamphlet appeared in London just months after the king, Charles I, fled his unruly capital and raised the royal standard in Nottingham. The fact that the myths of France and England’s divine origins reappeared at two crucial moments of the mid-seventeenth century demands careful consideration. 50 Orest Ranum, for example, explains: [Medieval] monks provided the ceremonials of political cultures as well as the sense of the past which lay at their heart, no matter how slight or how powerful the secular authority.

27 Thus, the same apostles could represent the founders of unbroken ecclesiastical traditions for érudits on both sides of the confessional divide. 28 A similar bipartite thesis later emerged in John Foxe’s Actes and Monuments (1559, 1563, 1570 and 1583), which I will return to later. In the case of Catholic France, Gallican historians often veered into the traditionally defined area of Protestant negativist historiography. These historians, particularly those with parlementaire inclinations, emphasized the pristine original condition of things and viewed change as a process of corruption: Gallicanism viewed the conversion of Constantine and the summoning of the first ecumenical councils by him and his successors as the embodiment of the proper relationship between Church and State outlined in the New Testament.

82 Thus, the conciliar movement demonstrates how easily legends that originated in monastic contexts could be applied to issues of wider national significance. 83 3. Apostolic Origins Thus far, I have neglected perhaps the most important elements of these legends – kings Arthur and Dagobert. Their role in medieval apostolic historiography, and their subsequent replacement by kings Lucius and Clovis during the sixteenth century, perfectly illustrates the changing perceptions of the apostolic past during the early modern period.

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