By Susana Rotker, Katherine Goldman

Voters in Latin American towns reside in consistent worry, amidst the most risky stipulations in the world. In that massive quarter, one hundred forty thousand humans die violently every year, and one out of 3 electorate were without delay or in a roundabout way victimized by way of violence. In Venezuela, adults are on commonplace ambitions of crime seventeen crimes of their lifetimes, 4 of that are violent. In Mexico, ninety seven percentage of all said crimes pass unpunished. Crime, in impression, is an undeclared warfare. voters of worry, partly, assembles survey result of social scientists who record the pervasiveness of violence. however the numbers inform merely a part of the tale. different participants current relocating testimonials through the victimized and through reporters masking the scene. a 3rd staff of essayists explores the results of the ensuing worry for either proposal and behaviour. As Susana Rotker writes, "The urban has been remodeled right into a house of vulnerability and danger...What i'm attracted to narrating the following is...the generalized sensation of lack of confidence that taints the Latin American capitals, the feeling that has replaced the methods humans relate to city house, to different people, to the kingdom, and to the very thought of citizenship. "

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The subject is not only the concern and domain of the institutions and bodies that are formally responsible for attention to and the control, prevention, or punishment of acts of violence and insecurity. It is also the concern and responsibility of the many citizens who either live in fear of becoming victims, or who already have been victims, of acts that injure their person or security. Today, society in general, increasingly manifesting its discomfort with this situation, is probing its causes 37 38 THE FACTS and demanding solutions.

We are left, of course, with the museums that fill up cities more every day: those places in which frozen differences are exhibited and to which we turn in order to nourish memory and nostalgia. By normalizing behaviors, the city, like buildings, erodes collective identities, blocks them, and this erosion robs us of our cultural ground and throws us into the void. This is where fear comes in. Third, it is an anguish that comes from the order that the city imposes on us: it is a precarious, vulnerable, but efficient order.

Pile and Keith, Geographies of Resistance, 16. Jesús Martín-Barbero Part I 23 The Fears 24 THE FEARS Jesús Martín-Barbero The City Chapter 1 jesús martín-barbero 25 Between Fear and the Media I will speak of what I saw on the first day of the third millennium of our era. I saw an open door and I entered and saw the city . . and yes, it was different: more populous, swinging in the abyss, with video-clips that exhorted couples to the demographic blessing of sterility. And there were signs of plagues, death, weeping and hunger.

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