By Min Tzu

The 5 thousand yr previous rules of Taoist sorcery are unveiled during this striking book.

In this publication you'll find out about:

* The Circle of Wizards and its outstanding powers, able to influencing participants and countries
* the character of fine and evil
* the character of ghosts
* the character and that means of the soul
* The devil's disciples and their goals
* the character of the hereafter
* the true ideas at the back of religion
* chinese language sorcery in politics and economics
* chinese language sorcery within the military
* Geomancy: the destiny of homes and different places
* the character of icons
* the rules of reincarnation
* The unusual proof of lifestyles and death
* nutrients spells

You also will discover:

* how you can ask the gods for funds and success
* how you can counter unfavorable spells
* how you can neutralize enemies
* find out how to use chinese language sorcery in gambling
* tips to increase or bankrupt a business
* find out how to oppose detrimental entities
* easy methods to remove undesirable luck
* How sorcery is utilized in genuine estate
* How lifeless relations can assist you
* how one can unite humans in marriage
* tips to shield young ones from evil influences
* tips to struggle lawsuits
* how you can provide yourself with protection whereas travelling
* how one can shield your self opposed to jealous co-workers

And many extra ideas and how one can take care of so much destructive contingencies in existence.

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If the attacked country does not have skilled priests who are able to defend it, it will fall prey to the attacker's evil designs. In such upheavals, unskilled priests will lose their countries, and their temples and homes in the bargain. When malevolent priests misuse religious rituals to help ambitious rulers obtain military goals, whole political systems, defensive walls, and national borders may fall under their sustained attack. The way things look at the present, since so many priests around the globe are already using these rituals, the world’s geography will probably change substantially in future years.

People must, therefore, analyze each new but strange idea they have to be sure that it is not the result of the pranks of a cunning ghost. Cold Ghosts. Ghosts sometimes feel cold in the afterworld, just as humans do on earth, and feel the need to protect themselves by wearing clothes. These feelings for things they no longer need are part of their lingering attachment to life on earth. Since people cannot take clothes with them when they die, their relatives could burn paper replicas of their favorite clothes so they will have something to wear.

But if the tenants refuse to leave, they will not enjoy a peaceful life until an exorcising ritual has been performed on the premises and the ghosts put in their place. The longer it takes to perform the ritual, the longer the ghosts will continue to enjoy themselves. Seventh Day Ghosts. The relatives of a recently deceased person should not be unduly alarmed if they detect his ghost in the house on the seventh day after his death. It usually takes this long for most ghosts to realize that they have died.

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