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This interesting learn examines wartime Chinese-Soviet kinfolk from a Moscow-based, chinese language point of view on the ambassadorial point. The ebook contains descriptions of way of life in Moscow, of embassy company, of up to date occasions and international relations, of intelligence operations, of conferences with Stalin, and of communications to and from Chongqing.

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I tried to console her . . ’ Worse still, Fu dreaded a position where he would have to depend to a large extent upon the co-operation of the General Affairs Department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs under Li Weiguo. It would not be easy. When Song Ziwen replaced Quo Taichi as foreign minister in December 1941, Chiang appointed Li Weiguo to head the General Affairs Department of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Li was a member of Chiang’s ‘Brains Trust’, which at the time carried more weight in the determination of foreign policy than the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

17 Customs and excise Figure 3 Fu Bingchang, Governor of Hainan Island, 1920 18 Before Moscow In spring 1920, Fu was employed as the Guangdong Military Government’s representative in Hong Kong, for both the Finance Department and the Foreign Ministry. 18 Fu was useful to Sun. Fluent in English,19 Fu was appreciated for his negotiating skills when it came to dealing with foreign representatives. He was also good at raising large sums of money for Sun, both through his own business and familial contacts, and by his watchful administration of the Chinese Customs Office.

1 On 1 January 1943, he wrote: ‘I may say I am having a very unhappy New Year. I have to accept the ambassadorship to Soviet Russia very much against my wishes. Only duty to the nation compels me to take up such a post . . when I think of my seventy-eight year old mother in failing health and whom I might never be able to see again . . [and] . . ’ And two weeks later on 14 January 1943 he wrote: ‘I would rather stay home and die of poverty or hunger, than leave my beloved Ling Mei (Fanny). I tried to console her .

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