By Andre Norton

Listed below are all-new stories approximately these magical, mysterious dominators of humankind: the cats! go back to the cats' looking floor with this 3rd selection of tales. Twenty fur-flying fantasies are certain to trap the hearts of cat fanatics all over the place.

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The voice came, high and thin, and woke Tarberry out of a sound sleep. He lifted his head, ears alert, and stayed motionless for several minutes. The women sleeping next to him had heard nothing; the wail was inaudible to all but the just-awakened cat. It was not sound but a voiceless cry that pierced his heart. The cry came from a female cat, and she was dying. If he could not help her, her young litter would die, too. They were close to this campsite; so close that after a moment, Tarberry moved cautiously and jumped down without waking the women.

She peered at me with filmed brown eyes and touched me with withered, bony fingers, yet I felt no urge to withdraw from her. There was a certain intense light in Vao's eyes that seemed to come from deep inside. It illuminated her lined face and gave it an ancient beauty. " asked Rori, discouraged. " "Perhaps what you and others see as "trouble" can be seen in another way," said the old tahutahu. " Vao had a short roll of sennit in her hand and she dangled the end in front of me. My ears and whiskers came up and I reached out with a paw for the dangling string.

The beach didn't look all that far away across the pretty blue lagoon, but I was definitely starting to lose the wind from my sails long before I scraped bottom. And that was when a son of a sea serpent grabbed my tail. I let out a yell fit to wake the dead, but it turned into a gurgle when my mouth filled with water. That hook-jawed old moray eel must have figured he'd have a quick nosh of ship's cat. I'd never seen anything like that eel before. He looked as though some fish had a roll in the hammock with a snake.

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