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Four hundred recipes are provided for preparing primary ingredients such as bananas, rice, fish and meat. This is followed by a presentation of the customs and manners concerning the preparation of food in various provinces. Also included are a list of recipes and the specific ingredients utilized in each province. The principal ingredients of Cameroon cooking (divided by scientific and generic labels) are denoted by photographs, drawings and short descriptive texts. The work also contains a lexicon of various ingredients according to French, scientific and indigenous vernacular terms.

There has been some progress toward democratic rule and the country does remain self-sufficient in terms of food, but in general, economic and political decline has characterized the past fourteen years. Cameroon is ranked as a 'low human development' country among the world's 175 states in the UNDP's Human Development Index (Cameroon is 133rd). However, it remains just within the upper third of African countries on this scale (sixteenth of forty-eight African states). Among the seventy-eight developing countries, Cameroon ranks forty-first on the human poverty index.

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