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Known as to Care: a coaching handbook for Small team Leaders

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Growing Levelneeds to be encouraged. Disciple him or her. Serving Levelneeds a ministry. Help discern his or her gift. Jesus helped the woman of Samaria by showing acceptance, genuine personal regard, and empathy. Through good dialogue he stirred her response. The challenge for you as an evangelistic Care Group leader is to provide a good climate and dialogue Page 50 so each participant can discover the truth about themselves and about Christ and the Christian faith. Before you conclude a meeting, make a non-pressured invitation to respond.

Your task is to help the nonbelievers in the group discover for themselves what you have experienced. In some way or other you will want to communicate that: God loves them and has a purpose for their lives. Our selfishness and sin separate us from God, his love and purpose. Salvation, love, purpose and hope are experienced as Page 49 we confess our condition and receive forgiveness. God becomes real in the context of a relationship with Jesus Christ and his followers. 23 For many of us, the dialogue which takes place in a group is a more comfortable way of talking about Christ than is one-on-one conversation.

15683 Published simultaneously in Canada by Herald Press, Waterloo, Ont. N2L 6H7.  Stamm/Cover art by Joel Kauffmann 05 04 03 02 01 00 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 To order or request information, please call 1-800-759-4447 (individuals); 1-800-245-7894 (trade). org Page 5 To a new generation of lay pastors Page 7 CONTENTS Acknowledgments 10 Part I The Vision Introduction 13 1 A Caring Congregation Observe needs, be committed to caring, ground your vision in Scripture, clarify basic assumptions, get the big picture, and be part of the team 16 Part II Types of Groups 2 The Nurture Group Understand its purpose, decide what ministry means for you, recruit your group, begin with a cup of coffee and a covenant, meet in homes with a timed agenda, choose a curriculum, and celebrate a good conclusion 27 3 The Support Group Identify people in need of special support, offer an empathic listening ear, gather the group, agree to a covenant, and begin with the felt need 36 Page 8 4 The Evangelistic Group Get excited about evangelism, plan your strategy, invite your friends, be clear but flexible, plan your meeting, take the lead in showing acceptance, and share your faith 42 5 The Mission Group Be committed to do Christ's work, sound a call, clarify the basics, hold the call and discern the gifts, attend to both inward and outward agendas, discover the resources needed, and conclude with honor 52 Part III Basic Elements 6 Acceptance Accept each member, share your life histories, ask a sharing question, listen actively, respond reflectively, use food as a tool, and listen as people leave 63 7 Bible Study Believe in Bible study, have a clear aim, research the background, begin with an interesting introduction, ask three main questions, and clinch the main point 72 8 Prayer Respond to God, clarify basic ground rules, help new people begin, converse with God, use a variety of patterns, organize a prayer chain, and expand prayer to worship 81 9 Mission Be committed to mission, support members in ministry, choose a group project, and choose to grow 88 Part IV Leadership Issues 10 Leadership Don't manipulate or force your way, seek the needed qualities, accept the responsibility, choose your leadership style and pattern, and lead a dialogue 95 Page 9 11 Group Participation Get all members involved, discuss through dialogue, learn to model and lead dialogue, continue to increase participation, discern the gifts and roles, and keep an open climate 103 12 Creativity and Conflict Encourage creativity, recognize that conflict is inevitable, identify the sources of conflict, deal with the conflict immediately, follow tested mediation steps, and face other problems with courage 111 13 Supervision and Continuing Education Welcome regular supervision, work closely with your pastor, meet monthly with your peers, welcome continuing education, and keep your purpose clear 120 Appendixes 126 A.

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