By Manuel Sarkisyanz

Softcover booklet from 1965, principally in line with box study in Burma backed through the Guggenheim beginning of long island (1959). The authors main issue is with cultural backgrounds of Burmese socialism instead of with information of political technique and association. the best way Burmas rulers have conscripted Buddhist concept and teachings inside of a central authority framework is roofed.

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2 "Those beings selected a king who was the most kind-hearted and authoritative among them and said to hirn, 'Let Y our Majesty reprove whosoever among us deserves reproof, and approve whosoever deserves approval. ''' 3 " ... [He was to be one] willing to censure, to put down and to command, [capable] to drive away, remove, commit and take away. [As compensation], of ten portions of our rice paddy, one portion [shall be] given [to hirn]. " 4 "The first men of the World's Age determined his name that way for the [following] reason: That the people in unanimity bestowed [authority upon him,5 this is expressed in the] name.

1 U Tet Htoot, "The nature of Burmese chronic1es," in: D. G. E. Hall (Editor), Historians 0/ Southeast Asia (London, 1961), p. 50. " 2 The CUlavamsa, a later chronicle of the kings of Ceylon, systematically draws edifying lessons from historical narratives: "For all power they had amassed and for all the glorious splendor they have enjoyed, all the rulers of the earth were in the end unable to escape death. " 3 "These ... kings who were all content in spirit, whose wealth was endless, who gloried in their troops, their elephants, their chargers and in the chariots of their heroic anny, they had finaily to surrender ail and, forsaken by their followers, mount the funerary pyre.

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