By Charlie Wing

This ebook isn't for the rank newbie, but when you've handed that degree and feature a easy knowing of electrical energy and also you are looking to raise that knowing, evaluate and evaluation your current installations, set up new apparatus effectively, and continue your boat electrics secure, it's going to be aboard your boat. I usually suggest it to my extra technically-capable buyers.

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Either the PbO2 has been totally converted to PbSO4, or all of the SO4 ions in the electrolyte have been used up, reducing it to pure water. In either case, PbO2 and electrolyte strength have been minimized and PbSO4 maximized. Charging. By connecting a charging voltage to the cell we drive the electrons and the reaction in the reverse direction. Ideally, the negative electrode is restored to pure PbO2, the positive terminal to pure Pb, and the acid electrolyte to its maximum strength. + Load I Charger - 4 Charging PbO2 min PbSO4max + H2SO4 ↑ H2 O ↓ SG ↑ Pb ↑ PbSO4↓ PbO2 ↑ PbSO4↓ What Is a Batter y?

Next we place the test leads between 8 and 11. Now the test lamp lights up. The problem must be either in the switch or the short wire between the switch and the bulb holder. We place the test leads across 8 and 9. Now both the test lamp and the cabin light glow dimly. What’s going on? Our test lamp has bridged the broken switch, but acts like a load in series with the cabin light. This reduces the current and brightness of both bulbs. The bulb is OK, but the light switch must be replaced. Fig.

1 lists the three ratings, as well as other specifications, for the most popular marine batteries. Because batteries are used in widely varying applications, several standard capacity ratings have evolved: 1. 5 volts, times 20 hours. 2. 2 volts. 3. 5 volts. 1 Specifications of Popular Marine Deep-Cycle Batteries Brand Model Type1 Capacities Ah, 20 hr CCA Reserve L Dimensions, in. W H Weight, lb. 9 62 62 66 72 SIZE 24 Surrette/Rolls Trojan Exide Stowaway Lifeline Deka Gel-Tech 24HT80M 24-AGM ST24DC140 24 8G24 WA WA AGM AGM GE 80 80 80 80 74 Surrette/Rolls Trojan Exide Stowaway Lifeline Deka Gel-Tech 24HT90M 27-AGM ST27DC180 27 8G27 WA WA AGM AGM GE 90 99 105 95 86 324 440 400 550 410 SIZE 27 405 560 500 575 505 SIZE 4D Surrette/Rolls Trojan Exide Stowaway Lifeline Deka Gel-Tech 12HHG185M 4D-AGM ST4DDC250 4D 8G4D WA WA AGM AGM GE 185 165 160 210 183 800 1110 600 1100 1050 SIZE 8D Surrette/Rolls Trojan Exide Stowaway Lifeline Deka Gel-Tech 12HHG8DM 8D-AGM ST8DDC400 8D 8G8D WA WA AGM AGM GE 275 230 200 255 225 1155 1450 800 1350 1265 6-VOLT GOLF CART Trojan Exide Lifeline Deka Gel-Tech 1 T-105 E3600 GC4 8G6V200 WA AGM AGM GE 225 220 220 180 — 800 760 585 WA = wet-acid, AGM = absorbed glass mat, GE = gelled electrolyte Dischar ge Characteristics 35 Charging Characteristics Overcharging.

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