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Absorption difference spectra of the formation of Compound B (Trace B) and oxidation of cytochrome a and cytochrome c (Trace C). Trace A represents the absorption difference spectrum of the reduced minus oxidized Candida utiliss 0. , due to the reaction of a§ + to the peroxide Compound Oxygen Metabolism in Yeast Cells 41 a^"-0-0-Cu2+. The peaks of reduced cytochrome a, c, οχ and b remain unchanged due to the inability of these cytochromes to donate electrons to Compound B in 20 s at -74° (see Fig.

07 t 610-630 Abs Increase Wil· of Compound C and ab- subtracts to give the absorption difference spectrum of Compound C (d - b) which shows a clear peak at 608 nm and a slight trough at 582 nm characteristic of Compound C. DISCUSSION The thrust of this paper is to emphasize the great utility of baker's yeast in studying metabolic control of the intact cell as well as the distinctive kinetic and spectral properties of cytochrome oxidase. Substrate depletion in yeast cells occurs effectively and rapidly with 24 h starvation and gives states that are as oxidized or even more oxidized than can be obtained in mitochondria prepared from animal tissues.

When spins in the molecule are magnetically isotropic, the g value will have a single value. ) o r t n r e e (gz* Syt gx) > respectively. (See examples in Fig. 3 ) . The population of spins in the lower and higher energy levels, which is expressed by the Boltzmann distribution, N^/Ng= exp (-gßH/kT), is not greatly different in most of the EPR experiments, contrary to the situation in optical spectrometry. Quantum mechanics tells us that the probability of flipping a parallel spin and emitting energy is equal to the probability of flipping an antiparallel spin and absorbing energy.

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