By J. Krishnamurti


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But you believe in heaven, you believe in a Father, you believe in something - why? Because you are afraid, you are unhappy, lonely, because of fear of death, you believe in something that you think is permanent. How can a mind that is burdened with beliefs see clearly? How can it be free to observe? How can such a mind love? You have your belief and another has his belief. In understanding the whole problem of fear, one has no belief whatsoever. The mind then functions happily, without distortion and therefore there is great joy, ecstasy.

Not the order of a blueprint, but the order which comes when you understand what disorder is - which is your life. Your life is in disorder. Disorder is contradiction, the conflict between opposites. When you understand that disorder which is in yourself, then out of that comes order - the order which is precise, mathematical, in which there is no distortion. All this demands a meditative mind, a mind that is capable of looking silently. Questioner: In one of your books you say that miracles are one of the easiest things to do.

Html (13 of 17) [27/04/2008 00:16:14] BEYOND VIOLENCE PART I CHAPTER 4 SANTA MONICA 4TH PUBLIC TALK 8TH MARCH 1970 question you invariably get the wrong answer. ) No, sir, this is not a laughing matter. You must put the right question. Is it the right question to ask: `How can thought end'? Or must one find out what the function of thought is? If you put an end to thought if that is at all possible - then how will you operate when you have to go to the office? Thought, apparently, is necessary.

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