By Thomas A.F. Kelly

This is often the 1st book-length exam of the paintings of a major modern philosopher within the continental culture, William Desmond. Desmond's notion is a brand new, post-modern approach of articulating what he calls the 'between' that is human lifestyles. Rooted in Plato and Augustine, and advancing via a war of words with Hegel and Nietzsche, Desmond rejects facile scepticism and wins via to a strikingly unique and powerfully looking articulation of the human. the current quantity comprises essays on Desmond's paintings either via rising students and through well-established thinkers. It additionally includes a specifically written essay at the practices of philosophy via Desmond himself.

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But with him the system overreaches the poetics and the systematics. The overdetermination of poetics becomes an indeterminacy lacking intelligibility until it is given determinacy and form by the systematics; while systematics itself is overtaken by the absoluteness of the system as the apotheosis of selfdetermination. Absolute self-determination comes to itself absolutely through its own otherness. This is the one form of (self-)mediation in all interconnections, within which fall all determinations, through which is overcome all indetermination, and because of which the overdeterminate is neither recognized nor minded.

Because it is too unselfconsciously heir to many of the views it claims to be deconstructing. It is too totalizing, in its own way, of the longer tradition of philosophy, where I find a more plurivocal practice of philosophy. It is somewhat sleeping to the other senses of ‘between’ that I more ‘systematically’ outlined above, and especially to those senses bearing on the excess of origin and the ‘beyond’. It is too negligent of the issues of origin and transcendence in the favour it gives to a certain radical immanence or ‘postulatory finitism’.

For that matter, there are claims Kant makes on behalf of his own work which are pretty close, in their hyperbole of self-congratulation, to claims such as Hegel made to turn philosophy from love of wisdom into accomplished Wissenschaft. And in all of this there is the issue of radical immanence, and the opening of the between to ultimate transcendence. It is important to remind ourselves that these post-Kantian idealisms are philosophies of radical immanence: radical immanence under the sign of unity and totality.

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