By A. Shoman

Belize, a small British colony in principal the US confronted with a territorial declare and armed forces threats from neighboring Guatemala, overcame dangers of dimension and gear via imposing a technique of internationalization that applied new overseas norms and overseas organisations, particularly the Non-Aligned stream and the United countries. This e-book, written by means of a key participant within the independence fight, information the background of the territorial declare and of the overseas crusade that made it attainable for Belize to accomplish safe independence with all its territory regardless of pressures from Britain and the us to cede land and compromise its sovereignty.

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S. S. diplomacy, which pursued at the highest levels its goal of denying Jagan the opportunity to lead Guyana into independence. 59 It was finally agreed, at Kennedy’s suggestion, that the best solution would be to call an election and arrange for a coalition government of Burnham’s and another minority party to win; this was in fact achieved by Britain imposing the proportional representation system in 1964. S. wishes affecting countries in its “backyard”; this did not augur well for Belize. William Rogers, who as Henry Kissinger’s assistant secretary of state for Latin America until 1977 dealt with British officials on the Belize question, was brutally blunt on the question: Latin America probably yields less evidence of a unique relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom than any other part of the world .

In 1798 a Spanish expedition from Bacalar (in Mexico) attacked the settlement. 22 Effectively, however, Spanish power was absent from the time of the failed military action in 1798. 27 Guatemala Stakes Its Claim It is not clear what part of the Spanish empire had been responsible for the territory of Belize from the Hondo to the Sarstoon during the colonial period. The limits of the Belize settlement described under the Treaties with Spain had nothing to do with her internal organization in Central America, but with negotiations between Spain and Britain at the end of wars that were concerned with other issues.

A priori, a simple state-centered perspective would predict that if the interests of a very small colony clashed with those of much larger 20 B E L I Z E’ S I N D E P E N D EN C E powers, the interests of the latter would prevail. ”100 It would be difficult to find a country that, according to these criteria, could be ranked lower than Belize. Moreover, initially Belize was confronted not only with a vastly more powerful regional state (Guatemala) but also with two world powers determined to force it to make unwanted concessions in order to achieve its independence.

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