By Michael W. Ford

The Luciferian course is one that workouts the sanctification of Self by means of activating facets of the Adversary particularly shape. This technique, hugely at odds with conventional occult assumptions, is tough to navigate for Practitioners simply getting begun. those are the questions this manuscript solutions. the 1st a part of this ebook bargains with theoretical and methodological foundations of magick. the second one half takes a glance at past books via ritual, statement and recommended practices. Reprinted works were refocused and expounded upon with extra directions for the newbie

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Tiamat or Azhdeha is Lilith in her most primal and draconian form; the very possibility of her manifestation and a circle of deific power for those who may have the mind and courage to tap this source. INSTRUCTIONS: Let the magician adorn his or her chamber with images of the Primal mother — Tiamat, the Dragon, the constellation of Draco, the very place of her being in the stars. A chalice filled with the appropriate elixir representing the waters of the abyss, the very matter which is formed by the fire of the spirit.

I summon thee, Mush-Hushshu Dragon, Lahmu, Horned Serpent, Ugallu Demon, serpent man, rabid dog, bull man, empower me with merciless weapons, manifest my desire. Mummu Tiamat, envenom me as Night, illuminate me in the fiery day. Cast thy spell upon me for I shall be as Qingu, my father — the Greatest in the Gods' Assembly. I shall form my will and desire from the forgotten darkness, ns thy Son and Lover, Mummu Hubar arise in me, empower me! Salamu Tammabukku, Elu, mush, mush, Elu, Nekelmu Ina (Black Dragon Raise Up, Serpent, Serpent, Raise up, Evil Eye within) Salamu Kishpu Ina, mush elu, mummu tiamat elu (Black Sorcery Within, Serpent Raise up, Mother Tiamat raise up) I drink now the primal waters, the abyssic darkness Drink from the Chalice and visualize your spirit transforming into the image of a dragon.

CONSECRATION Consecration is the act of preparing ritual tools for their use in Magick. As Magick is a sacred art, your tools will be sacred as well. STEPS FOR CONSECRATING THE ATHAME1. When the Moon is waning, fill a bucket or basin with distilled and purified water and pour salt, Abramelin Oil and a few drops of your own blood. 2. You will then wish to have a small fire which you will hold the blade over. As it is heated in the flame, envision the fires of Azazel and Hecate, purifying and blessing the blade with your divine Will.

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