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Lake Mcilwaine: The Eutrophication and Recovery of a Tropical African Man-Made Lake

'And God stated, permit there be a firmament in the middle of the waters, and permit it divide the waters from the waters. ' Genesis 1:6 Lake McIlwaine is an artificial lake. It was once shaped in 1952 by means of the Hunyani­ poort Dam and is located at the Hunyani River a few 37 km southwest of Salisbury* within the Republic of Zimbabwe**.

Bulletproof: Afterlives of Anticolonial Prophecy in South Africa and Beyond

In 1856 and 1857, in line with a prophet’s command, the Xhosa humans of southern Africa killed their farm animals and ceased planting plants; the ensuing famine rate tens of millions of lives. very similar to different millenarian, anticolonial movements—such because the Ghost Dance in North the USA and the Birsa Munda rebellion in India—these activities have been intended to rework the realm and unencumber the Xhosa from oppression.

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At later SADCC conferences, both Britain and the US tried to stop SADCC from denouncing South African destabilisation. West Germany was also initially hostile to SADCC, and in particular tried to challenge the SADCC policy that it, not the donors, should set priorities. 2 1 Both 26 BEGGAR YOUR NEIGHBOURS Britain and West Germany have funded SADCC projects, but in the early years only very grudgingly. The changing mood also created splits in the EEC. Some officials tried to direct EEC support to those projects which did not reduce dependence on South Africa.

In the two months before the third annual meeting (in Lesotho in January 1983), South Africa attacked the host city and also blew up an oil storage depot in Beira port. Rehabilitation of the depot was already listed as a SADCC project. And South Africa and the LLA hit other economic targets in Maseru the day before the conference started. DESTABILISATION: 1981-83 29 The theory of destabilisation Destabilisation involves a mix of military and economic weapons, perhaps reflecting its roots in the total strategy.

Botha said that the referendum was the high point of his domestic policy. And he argued that it created the climate which promoted the Nkomati accord, the high point of his foreign policy. 2 These two high points were crowned by an official visit to western Europe from 29 May to 9 June 1984. He went to Britain at the invitation of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the first such invitation to a South African Prime Minister in 23 years. W. also visited Portugal, West Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France and the Vatican.

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