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This makes the possibility of dnaB of B^_ subtil is having the dnaA-type function of E . coli highly unlikely. , 1980) and that both of them are also necessary for attachment of chromosomal origin to membrane (Winston and Sueoka, 1980). It is, therefore, interesting to note that the dnaB genes play critical roles for the parts of initiation that include the interaction of oriC and membrane components. In this sense, the requirement of dnaBI (but not dnaBII) for replication by pUBllO should provide us an opportunity to analyse the roles of the membrane and dnaB genes for the initiation.

C. Significance of Type-II Membrane Binding Although we have not analysed the existence of type-II binding in vivo, the DNA sequence specificity of this binding suggests a significance of the type-II binding in vivo. We have previously proposed that the type-II binding plays a significant role in bringing p U B H O molecule to the specific area of B. subtilis membrane, where, together with , 53 Membrane Binding and Regulation the products of dnaBI and possibly "protein a" of pUBllO, the functional complex for initiation (type-I binding) is constructed (Sueoka et a K , 1984).

13, 2267. Pabo, C O . T. (1984). Ann. Rev. Biochem. 53, 293. Scheer-Abramowitz, J . J. and Dubnau, D. (1980). Plasmid 6, 67. Sueoka, N. and Hammers, J . (1974). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sei. USA 71, 4787. Sueoka, N . , Tanaka, T. and Winston, S. (1980). IJH Genetics and Biotechnology of Bacilli (A. Ganesan and J . Hoch, eds), p. 79. Tanaka, T. and Sueoka, N. (1983). J . Bacteriol. 154, 1184. White, K. and Sueoka, N. (1973). Genetics 73, 185. Winston, S. and Sueoka, N. (1980). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sei. USA 77, 2834.

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