By Mantak Chia

Integrated during this booklet are new spinal chi kung warmups to quick energize any meditation. The reader also will methods to mix sexual ardour with a loving center contained in the physique to alleviate sexual-emotional frustration and accelerate non secular growth.
Master Mantak Chia is usually the writer of wake up therapeutic power in the course of the Tao (co-author Michael Winn), Taoist secrets and techniques of affection: Cultivating Male Sexual strength, Taoist how one can remodel tension into power, Chi Self-Massage, Iron blouse Chi Kung I, therapeutic Love in the course of the Tao: Cultivating woman Sexual power (co-author Maneewan Chia), and Bone Marrow Nei Kung (co-author Maneewan Chia). grasp Mantak Chia is the writer of the therapeutic Tao process and Director of the therapeutic Tao heart in big apple. when you consider that youth he has been learning the Taoist lifestyle in addition to different techniques. Born in Thailand to chinese language mom and dad in 1944, he was once first taught at age six through Buddhist clergymen tips to sit down and "still the mind." whereas he was once in grammar institution, he first realized conventional Thai boxing, and used to be then taught Tai Chi Chuan by means of grasp Lu. whilst he used to be a pupil in Hong Kong, he begun his reports of the Taoist lifestyle with grasp Yi Eng, who approved him to coach and heal. He later studied Taoist Yoga and the Buddhist Palm with grasp Meugi in Singapore, and studied the Shao-Lin approach to inner strength with grasp Cheng Yao-Lun, who mixed Taoist, Buddhist, and Zen teachings in his procedure of Thai boxing and Kung Fu. to appreciate the mechanisms at the back of therapeutic strength larger, grasp Chia studied Western clinical technological know-how and anatmoy for 2 years. After education a community of academics within the therapeutic Tao procedure, he verified the traditional therapeutic heart in Thailand, sooner than relocating to manhattan to open the therapeutic Tao heart in 1979. Maneewan Chia was once born and raised in Hong Kong, relocating along with her mom and dad to Thailand the place she obtained a B.S. measure in scientific know-how. given that early life, she has been very drawn to food and chinese language future health foodstuff cooking. She assists Mantak Chia in instructing sessions, together with Taoist 5 point nutrients, and handling the therapeutic Tao heart.

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Through the Microcosmic Orbit meditation we can give birth to a new self, restore our lost Original Force, and return to a childlike energy. Mind Eyes If you turn your senses and sexual desires inward during any free moment of the day, it will help to conserve and increase the Original Force. Heart Fig. 14. Many of our worldly vices are related to sexual desires. Our unbalanced sexual energies cause us to seek many forms of gratification in material things we don’t really need. - 63 - Chapter II As stated earlier, the Original Breath moves upward to the mouth where it mixes with the food we eat and the air we breathe.

Fig. 7 The earth and moon form a unique combination which has the power to draw Chi from billions of stars within our galaxy. ) on out planet. The earth’s gravitational force, the electromagnetic field that surrounds the earth, and the earthly Five Elements are some of the major aspects of this energy. We access the Earth Force through the soles of the feet and bring it into the torso at the perineum and sexual organ. These energies nourish the physical body, supplying our daily life-force and giving us the power to heal ourselves.

Animals, particularly quadrupeds, tend to raise their tails up to the heavens to channel the Universal Force downward while drawing the Earth Force up through the four feet (Fig. 1. 9). This type of channeling enhances the body before the energy reaches the brain (although both forces eventually circulate to the head), thereby giving the animals increased physical strength instead of the superior mental capacity that humans receive. In humans, the Universal Farce flows downward in a clockwise spiral to the crown, where it penetrates and nourishes all the glands within the head before continuing down through the palate.

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