By Rodney Castleden

Plato's legend of Atlantis has turn into infamous between students because the absurdest lie in literature. Atlantis Destroyed explores the prospect that the account given through Plato is traditionally real.
Rodney Castleden first considers the site of Atlantis re-examining feedback recommend within the early 20th century; Minoan Crete and Minoan Thera. He outlines the most recent examine findings on Knossos and Bronze Age Thera, discussing the fabric tradition, alternate empire and agricultural process, writing and wall work, paintings, faith and society of the Minoan civilization. Castleden demonstrates the various parallels among Plato's narrative and the Minoan Civilization within the Aegean.
Fired through the mind's eye a brand new imaginative and prescient of Atlantis has arisen during the last 100 and fifty years as a misplaced utopia. Rodney Castleden discusses why this photo arose and explains the way it has turn into stressed with Plato's actual account.

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There are also the equivalents of bench altars (two stone platforms built up against a wall, again, as at Knossos) and a freestanding stone altar in the middle of the main chamber. 4 Remains of over fifty terracotta figures up to life size show that the temple was dedicated to a goddess. 15). 5 We shall meet her again on Thera. The idols were not only placed on the stone altars, but repeatedly moved about; they show varying signs of wear and repair. Some are older, some newer. The cult evidently revolved round this steadily growing company of goddesses.

38 Possibly the transmission did not occur until after the earthquake that sealed the well on the Acropolis, that is, in about 1225 BC, though that would mean that some centre of literacy in the Mycenean world kept documents about Minoan Crete and the destruction of Thera for 300 years. Possibly the account of Athens was preserved in Egypt, but arrived separately, after the other bronze age material, and it was Solon who collated all three elements in Egypt. Certainly it is easier to understand the sheer exoticism of the Atlantis story if it is seen as a bronze age story conserved in Egypt rather than as a classical Greek tradition.

On the south coast of Therasia, blocks of stone which the workmen knew at once were man-made walls began to get in the way of the quarrying. From 1866 the site was archaeologically excavated, first by the owner, M. Alaphouzos, and later by the French vulcanologist Ferdinand Fouqué, who had come to Santorini to observe the volcanic eruption of 1866–70 and was diverted to the island’s equally exciting archaeology. 5 At this stage neither Minoan nor Mycenean civilizations had been recognized, so it was difficult for Fouqué to interpret what he found, though he knew it was preGreek.

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