By John Boardman

Athenian black determine vases endure the paintings of consummate artists, like Exekias, who depicted on them scenes of fantasy and lifestyle which deepen our wisdom and realizing of Greek antiquity. during this survey, Professor John Boardman allows the reader to check the numerous elements of the vases, and to know the basic variety of a painter or a bunch of painters from the interval among 630 and 470 BC. He devotes a whole part to the mythological scenes and different ornamental good points of the vases. 383 illus.

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H e m ay have introduced the use of the ' Six technique' for maj or decoration of vases (sec [309 ] and p. T78), and he was among the first to use a w hite ground f( >r black figure decoration (jugs by his Painter of Lonvre r TT7)· O f N ikosthe nes' staff painters, later than his potting for Lydo~ (a band cup [70] and bdl y a mphora) the BMN PAINTEll is the hest, and prohahly the earliest since a Sian a cup and some Little- Masters (one. a lip cup signed by . 64 N ikosthenes) have been assigned to his h and.

Cup painters There is another large class of bilingual vases which need no t be studied cl_oscly h~re. Th~y are eye cups by red figure painters who put a black figure piCture 111 the m te n o r tondo. Nikosthencs' r15 I' 173] and Pamphaios' 106 workshop were responsible for many, and the artists who decorated such cups were among the ve r y finest practitioners of the new technique. The cup shape, however, must occupy us since it was invented for black figure and most commonly so decorated. The usual variety, Type A, as [ 173, 1 78, 183], has a shallow bowl rising to a plain lip, not offset like the Little Masters.

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