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Of the immense number and variety of apparently relevant considerations some, taken by themselves, point in one direction and some in the other. One group can fairly be said to count as at least prima facie evidence for the existence of God. For not only do believers urge these particular considerations as supporting their own position but disbelievers concurringly treat them as points requiring special explanation. And likewise there are other considerations which taken by themselves constitute at least prima facie antitheistic evidences.

The railway trucks and the cogs in a watch all move at the same time in moving one another; and to extend their number, even to infinity, would still leave their motion ultimately unexplained. T o account for this we have to postulate an independent source of motion which originates the series of movements, regardless of whether the series is finite or infinite. And likewise in the case of the universe as a complex interrelated process. We do not explain the fact of change merely by tracing out its moving patterns either in the present or into the past.

19) This is an interesting and thought-provoking but nevertheless, I believe, a fallacious piece of reasoning. Taylor says that since we treat our sense organs as we treat the words on the Welsh hillside, namely, as conveying information to us, we ought to regard our sense organs as we regard 'The British Railways Welcomes you to Wales', as the work of an intelligent agent. This is the argument. And its weakness is that we do not treat our sense organs or our sense experience as we treat a set of words; and therefore consistency does not require us to think of them, as we think of the words in a sentence, as having been formed by deliberate intent.

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