By Roger Blench, Matthew Spriggs

Archaeology and Language I represents groundbreaking paintings in synthesizing disciplines which are now obvious as interlinked: linguistics and archaeology. This quantity is the 1st of a three-part survey of leading edge effects rising from their mixture. Archaeology and old linguistics have principally pursued separate tracks until eventually lately, even if their objectives may be very comparable. whereas there's a new knowledge that those disciplines can be utilized to counterpoint each other, either rigorous methodological expertise and specified case-studies are nonetheless missing in literature. Archaeology and Language I goals to fill this lacuna. Exploring quite a lot of options built via experts in every one self-discipline, this primary quantity offers with large theoretical and methodological matters and offers an essential historical past to the element of the stories awarded in volumes II and III. This assortment bargains with the debatable query of the starting place of language, the validity of deep-level reconstruction, the sociolinguistic modelling of prehistory and the use and cost of oral culture.

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Ross’s chapter should be read in conjunction with his second, detailed case study of Papuan Tip languages in Volume II. It is important to emphasize that the modelling of relations between languages is not a purely linguistic problem; exactly similar problems relate to the genesis of communities and their inventory of material culture. Some studies in Oceania attempt to correlate the two; the chapters by Tryon and Dutton in Volume III deal with this problem for Vanuatu and the Mailu area on the south coast of Papua.

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