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Cf. KCh 1947, 628). The constructionof the tomb was at firstdated by Evans to M. M. Ill on the basis of the signs (masons' marks)carvedon the blocks of which it was built, but later (PM iv 774) to L. M. II to which period the earliesttraces of burialsrecovered are assignable. The tomb was re-used for burials in L. M. Ill C like the KEFALA THOLOS TOMB 17. A few Geometric sherds were recovered 'ratherin the upper levels' of the tomb (Archaeologia lix (1905) 140). A rock-cut CHAMBER TOMB with remains of Palace Stylevases was foundsomewhereimmediately to the south (Archaeologia lix (1905) 171.

Cf. AR 1958, 21. KCh 1958, 477. Pini 84: XXII. CODE: IS 1958). The tomb was almost certainlya Late Minoan III D3 one re-used. 11 (151). ) high on the slopes on the east side of the Kefala ridge. Fragments of an ostrich egg and parts of an alabaster vase were found here in 1939. Trials by Hutchinson led to the recoveryof a gold eaisring(BSA li (1956) E3 79 No. 1) and potteryassignedto L. M. I A. 12(9). ) CHAMBER TOMB, found plundered and empty when cleared by Hood E3 in 1951. 13. 75 metresin diameter,exposed in an olive E3 groveon the Isopata ridge.

Index 221. E5 Pini 83). 37 (18). Cf. KCh 1951, 447. JHS lxxii (1952) 108). In October, 1976, R. Jones usinga magnetometertracedwhat appeared to be the line of curtainwalls fora distanceof some 40 metres west and 50 metressouth of the tower. Signs of Bronze Age occupation noted herein 1951 included fragmentsof wall plasterpainted red and blue and sherds,mostlyMiddle Minoan with much M. M. I A and some M. M. II, but some Late Minoan E 4 May,1977. P. I ScII). I in character C4 (BSA lii (1957) 228).

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