By E.V. Jull

Replacement tools of aperture antenna research are defined during this book.

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27) in eqn. 28) Aperture gain In eqn. 29) (v-wf is the near-field gain reduction factor for a linear cosinusoidal distribution. The behaviour of RH(v,w) with range r is illustrated in Fig. 1 where in the parameter s = 2d2/\l, d = b or a and / = r. As r -> °°, both /? H(z>,w) become unity and eqn. 30) rrX2 the axial gain of a rectangular aperture with uniform and cosinusoidal distributions. 5 \ — s s \ \ — \ — l0 —1 1 V- \ S 1— \R E . 5 Fig. 1 Gain reduction factors RE and RH in decibels. 2. These values, obtained from eqns.

An // /; 1/ ~7 -20 \ __ • \ V -4 i i • A. / -i I • AV -40 < \ _L 7 -10 \\ : ' -20 0 8 ' 20 - o ^ -Air / I \ 40 (degrees) o a -6TT \ 7 \ v\ "A \ f / / / -40 -20 0 6 Fig. 5 V 20 40 (degrees) Amplitude and phase patterns of a 3-2cm waveguide array measured with an essentially omnidirectional probe at ranges r = 007b2/\ r=0-28/>a/\ (After Martin, 1967) © 1967, IEEE experimental demonstration of this technique for a 3-2 cm slotted waveguide array is shown in Figs. 6. Here Martin (1967) achieved better results from measurements very near the antenna (r = 0*07 b2 /X) than further out in the near field where the scan angle was smaller.

With eqn. 1 in eqn. 2) where kt and k2 are defined by eqn. 5. Following Collin and Zucker (1969, p. 562), it is instructive to examine this radiation field for a narrow half-wave slot in a conducting screen. With ka < 1 and kb = 7T, eqn. 3) where F o = ^o^ is the voltage across the slot. 4) 54 Applications of aperture theory to antennas an omnidirectional pattern. y-axis, with a change in polarisation. The magnetic field of the dipole corresponds to the electric field of the slot in accordance with the electromagnetic form of Babinet's principle (Booker 1946).

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