By W. T. Fernie

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Classroom Wars: Language, Sex, and the Making of Modern Political Culture

The schoolhouse has lengthy been a crucible within the development and contestation of the political suggestion of "family values. " via Spanish-bilingual and intercourse schooling, moderates and conservatives in California got here to outline the kin as a politicized and racialized website within the past due Nineteen Sixties and Nineteen Seventies.

(Over)Interpreting Wittgenstein

This booklet tells the tale of Wittgenstein interpretation up to now 80 years. It presents assorted interpretations, chronologies, advancements, and controversies. It goals to find the factors and motivations in the back of the philosophical community's undertaking of examining Wittgenstein. it's going to turn out worthy to philosophers, students, interpreters, scholars, and experts, in either analytic and continental philosophy.

The Modern Arabic Short Story: Shahrazad Returns

Faraway from being social, orthodox or simply anecdotal, smooth Arabic fiction is in reality major and radical on the earth context of recent fiction, as this ebook exhibits. It comprises an creation to and critique of the quick tale in addition to a range of Arabic brief tales, selected and translated by means of the writer.

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He had suffered a dangerous attack of "season" fever, and lay helpless in his cot, being covered all over with boils and painful sores, whilst his only attendant was a poor old negro woman. At sunrise he saw an immense host of ants entering through the roof, and spreading themselves all over the inside of his chamber. Expecting little else but that they would make a meal of him, he commended his soul to God, and hoped thus to be released from all suffering. They presently covered his bed and himself, and, entering into his sores, caused an uncommon degree of smarting and pain.

It may be fairly supposed that by such a course of action the patient acquires a power of resisting the disease, and the bacillus or special microscopic germ of consumption finds a soil made hostile to its culture by this excess of food. For preparing the powdered raw meat lean beef was taken, and when cut up into small pieces dried in a water bath ; then, after thorough drying, reduced to powder in a coffee mill. (See Dr. ) Liebig's famous "broth for invalids," 1854, consisted of half a pound of chopped fresh meat macerated for an hour with a pound of cold water, to which four drops of hydrochloric acid (as representing the stomach juices) were added, together with from thirty to sixty grains of table-salt.

The thyroid gland (in front of the throat) consists of albumen, gelatine, stéarine, oleine, alkaline, and earthy salts (of lime, magnesia, and potash,) with water, and a trace of iron. Preparations of healthy animal organs, and tissues exercise a remedial action within the human body in one of two ways, intrinsic, or extrinsic ; intrinsic when they replace some necessary secretion which is defective in the patient : extrinsic when they act merely, like any other drug, without relation to the organ or structure from which they are derived.

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