By Ralph Mark Rosen, Ineke Sluiter

An exam of a valuable notion within the self-definition of any Greek-speaking male: "Andreia", the concept of braveness and manliness. via a mix of lexical or semantic and conceptual stories the discourse of manliness and its function within the building of social order is explored.

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E. 82 demonstrate how debates over the meaning of key ethical terms signify the destabilization of social and political institutions. In doing so, he points to a concept of manliness (among other traits) that is essential but unstable in fifth-century political discourse. But if this is the case, what consti­ tutes the essential or stable concept of manliness that makes Thucydides’ critique possible? 2. 22 It is impossible, of course, (183). 82 com­ plicates a strict positive or negative reading of both phrases in question.

Liddell and R. Scott in their Greek-English Lexicon (1843). The aim was to show the life history of every word, its origin and any changes of form and meaning. As an historian of language, not a critic, the lexicographer’s task was to collect all words, rather than to select good words, and whereas quotations were used by Johnson and his suc­ cessors to define words, now their chief use would be to show historical changes in sense”. 5 Etymology, exemplified by Plato’s Cratylus and including debates over whether the relationship between words and their referents is natural or conventional, com­ prises the most systematic approach to lexical meaning in the ancient Greek sources.

Is not actions or even characteristics; Thucydides is writing about language and expression”. Without even considering the overall meaning of the passage, the contrast between tå ¶rga and pçn érgÒn (contr. from éergÒw) shows that Thucydides is interested in ‘linguistic phenomena’. Cf. Loraux 1986, 118–19, 123–4, mentioned by Allison 1997, 171, n. 19. See also Allison 1997, 175 on Thucydides’ use of nomizein. 12 I am not referring to any strict relationship between the date of the History’s composition and that of the Corcyrean Revolution in 427 BCE.

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