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13: The frigate Constellation as she appeared during the War of 1812. Painting by J. W. Schmidt. S. indb 29 8/14/06 5:36:41 AM 30 The Sailing Nav y, 1775–1854 Chesapeake Name Builder Laid Down Chesapeake Norfolk NYd Rate 36 guns Dimensions 152’6” (bp) × 40’11” × 13’9” Tonnage 1,244 tons Launch 10 Dec 1798 2 Dec 1799 Comm. May 1800 Complement 340 Battery 30-18 pdr, 12-32pdr crde; (1813) 28-18pdr, 20-32 pdr crde Notes: Authorized 17 Mar 1794. Originally ordered as 44 guns. Designed by Josiah Fox.

The vessels of the other eleven states are listed below. The state navies’ vessels were smaller and less well armed than those of the Continental Navy. Connecticut Name Oliver Cromwell Rate 18 Minerva Type ship Saybrook, Conn. Built Aug 1776 brig Defence 14 brigantine Guilford 8 sloop Schuyler sloop Mifflin schr Spy Builder 6 schr Crane row galley Shark row galley Whiting row galley Notes and service records: Defence: Wrecked off Connecticut, Mar 1779. Oliver Cromwell: Captured off Sandy Hook, 5 Jun 1779.

Service record: West Indies (under Decatur), 1800–01. Mediterranean (under Barron), 1801–02, 1802–03. Captured Berber ship Mirboka, 22, near Cape de Gatt, Spain, 26 Aug 1803. Ran aground on uncharted reef off Tripoli and captured; captain Bainbridge and crew taken prisoner, 31 Oct 1803. S. detachment under Decatur in Tripoli harbor, 16 Feb 1804. Ships captured: La Levrette, L’Union, La Magdalen, La Guerre, L’Amphitrite. 1801. indb 31 Service record: West Indies 1800–01. Mediterranean 1802–03. Damaged by powder explosion off Malta (4 killed), 25 Apr 1803.

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