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At the height of career in the mid-sixties, it was one of the most formidable strategic attack airits craft in the world. Contemporary with the Vulcan was the Handley Page Victor, designed to fulfil the same specification of the 'V bomber programme. was very different, ful for configuration featured a grace- Its it crescent wing. The first production Victor flew for time on 1 February 1956, and these aircraft fulfilled both a strategic bomber and reconnaissance role. Like many large bomber aircraft whose role has been usurped by longrange ballistic missiles, Victors have been converted to flying fuel tankers.

In this latter role it can carry a wide variety of armament on underwing attachment points. 48 Bombers One of the most outstanding RAF bomber aircraft to ser\e between -wars period was the Hawker Hurt (68 below), the prototype of which (J 9052) first flew in June 1928. Powered by a single 525 hp Rolls-Royce Kestrel IB, the Hart had a maximum speed of 172 mph (276 km h) at with the in the 10,000 ft (3,050 m), proving so fast that it could outpace contemporary fighters. In the 1930 Air Exercises, for example, the defending Siskin fighters tried in vain to catch them.

When 1939, war on Germany, on 3 September Arm squadrons were equipped, somewhat antiquated-looking biplane Britain declared its tirst-line Fleet Air in the main, with known as the Faire\' Szvordjish (27 abo\e). a appearance, it remained on operational its European theatre throughout the Second World War and, nicknamed the 'Stringbag', gained imperishable fame that ri\ als that of the Spitfire. The Sicordfish, torpedo-bombers extraordinary, first made famous during the Norwegian campaign, were invohed in the hunting and destruction of the Bismarck figured in the heroic but fruitless attacks on the German battleships Scharnhorst Gneisenaii and Prim Eti^en, while these \essels were making their historic Channel dash in February 1942; and recorded their greatest achie\ement with the destruction ot the Italian fleet in Taranto harbour on the night of 11 Despite service in the ; , November 1940.

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