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Lake Mcilwaine: The Eutrophication and Recovery of a Tropical African Man-Made Lake

'And God stated, allow there be a firmament in the course of the waters, and enable it divide the waters from the waters. ' Genesis 1:6 Lake McIlwaine is a synthetic lake. It was once shaped in 1952 through the Hunyani­ poort Dam and is positioned at the Hunyani River a few 37 km southwest of Salisbury* within the Republic of Zimbabwe**.

Bulletproof: Afterlives of Anticolonial Prophecy in South Africa and Beyond

In 1856 and 1857, based on a prophet’s command, the Xhosa humans of southern Africa killed their livestock and ceased planting vegetation; the ensuing famine expense tens of millions of lives. very like different millenarian, anticolonial movements—such because the Ghost Dance in North the United States and the Birsa Munda rebellion in India—these activities have been intended to remodel the area and release the Xhosa from oppression.

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The woman and man tasted the flour and grimaced again. The ant laughed, explaining that it still wasn’t ready to eat. Next he showed them an empty gourd and gave directions for mixing the flour with water in the gourd to make dough and then kneading it until it was smooth and elastic. The man and woman tasted the dough, and once again each made a face. The ant laughed again. It still wasn’t ready to eat. Next he showed them how to start a fire with stones, dried grass and wood, and a flint stone.

She then left and wandered the world, creating disorder and unhappiness and bringing illness and death to humanity. ) Before Musokoroni died herself, though, she taught humans the skill of agriculture. Faro uprooted Pemba and took over responsibility for the harmony of life on Earth. In another account, in the beginning the Supreme God, Bemba, created a set of twins. They were a male creator figure, Pemba, and his sister, Musokoroni, the goddess of disorder. Musokoroni rebelled against Bemba, and she and Pemba left the heavens.

These priests are the link between the people and the gods and are responsible for spearing to death the sacrificial oxen. of the underworld, she accepted the dead into her body (the earth) and ruled over the ancestors buried there. When the dead were buried, the Igbo believed that they turned into earth and became united with Ala. See also Igbo pantheon. Aja Alatangana See orisa. Àjàpá See Ijapa. Ajok (Adyok, Naijok) Lotuko (Sudan) The Supreme God and Creator. Although Ajok was benevolent, humans had to make constant prayers and sacrifices to maintain his good nature.

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