By Aquino De Braganca, Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein

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Some of them have been threatened with imprisonment if they see me again. It looks that the police has engaged some agents to incite people against me so that a gang may be gathered to provoke and kill me. These and other activi ties around me make me fear that I may be killed by them at any time. The Assassination of Humberto Delgado PAIGC Article in Libertacao (PAIGC, Conakry), No. 53, April 1965. Translatedfrom Portuguese. The world has just been surprised by the news of the assassination of General Humberto Delgado, one of the best known leaders of the Portuguese demo cratic opposition.

We are convinced that the only reasons why the British Government con sulted African opinion were to give respectability to an already concluded deal and deceive the world that the agreement was a result of negotiations with European and African leaders in Rhodesia. The proposals as contained in the White Paper do not reflect a single suggestion made by African leaders. Their views were completely ignored. The $10 million 'development programme', 'employment opportunities' in public service and elsewhere, and the ending of discriminatory legislation all vaguely promised nakedly stand as mere appetizers and baits to induce Africans into accepting the settlement proposals now before us.

Since we presented evidence before this Committee last year on the Rhodesian question, political developments have indicated a worsening of the situation. The settler regime has taken upon itself a more defiant attitude to the international world and has introduced far more oppressive measures on the majority inhabitants of the country. Moving along this disastrous path, the regime has established a constitutional commission whose task it is to devise a constitution for permanent entrenchment of minority dictatorship and racism.

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