By Issa G. Shivji

The "Washington consensus" which ushered in neo-liberal rules in Africa is over. It was once buried on the G20 assembly in London in early April, 2009. the area capitalist approach is in shambles. The champions of capitalism within the international North are rewriting the foundations of the sport to put it aside. The drawback creates a gap for the worldwide South, particularly Africa, to refuse to play the capitalist-imperialist video game, regardless of the ideas. it's time to reconsider and revisit the advance path and techniques at the continent. this is often the imperative message of this intensely argued publication. Issa Shivji demonstrates the necessity to return to the fundamentals of radical political economic system and ask primary questions: who produces the society's surplus product, who appropriates and accumulates it and the way is that this performed. what's the personality of accumulation and what's the social organisation of switch? The ebook offers another theoretical framework to aid African researchers and intellectuals to appreciate their societies larger and give a contribution in the direction of altering them within the curiosity of the operating humans.

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