By Jonathan R. Barton

The geographical regions and peoples of South and critical the United States, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, that jointly shape the political countryside of Latin the USA, surround a variety of societies, politics and economies. this article exposes the diversities among locations, areas and nations, members and societies, delivering a useful perception into the subjects of political and fiscal improvement, and offers a advisor to knowing energy and house relatives. From the Antarctic to the tropical jungles, the coastal groups to the highland villages, the mega-cities to remoted rural lifestyles, the political geographies of lives, localities, towns and rurality are too refined to be subjected to generalizations. Adopting a severe human geography viewpoint, Jonathon Barton offers an realizing of similarities, distinction and complicated human geographies.

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Each of these societies extended its influence over a wide geographical area, establishing extensive administrative, economic and social systems for the organisation and control of these spaces (West, 1993). In the case of the Andean and Mesoamerican (Mexico and northern Central America) regions, these territorial empires followed one from another. In Mesoamerica, the Teotihuacán empire replaced the Olmec empire which was itself replaced by the Aztec empire. 2 The emergence of pre-Columbian societies, 7000 BC-AD 1500 a Periods of greatest influence.

More than establishing a new agenda or creating new space for feminist and masculinist considerations within political geography, the impetus was for a recognition of the existence of political geographies which have been left off the traditional agenda. In the same way as feminist writers have been stressing the need to address formally ‘silent histories’ of women, the case has been put for ‘silent geographies’, or rather ‘silenced geographies’, of women and men that are not subsumed within the dominant typeset of state-centricity (Dalby, 1993).

The significance of such a ‘democratic’ approach to political geography is that it imparts a notion of Foucauldian power operating between people(s) within and over spaces, at numerous geographical scales. While many scholars attempt to maintain geopolitics as a separate sphere of academic attention, focusing on the international, this text puts traditional state-centric notions of geopolitics to one side in order to open up the relationships between people, power and space at numerous, interactive levels of analysis, along the spectrum personal-global.

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