By Maurice S. Friedman

Drawing on virtually part a century of immersion within the world's nice religions, Friedman takes a dialogical process by which spiritual truth isn't really visible as exterior creed and shape or as subjective suggestion, yet because the assembly in openness, presentness, immediacy, and mutuality with final truth. faith has to do with the wholeness of human lifestyles.

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The movement toward this Absolute is often seen under the aspect of samadhi or satori-a mystical or spiritual consciousness, "enlightenment:' If we attain a certain state of spiritual consciousness, of spiritual being, then what already is the basic reality will be open to us so that nothing changes except us, except our relation to it. The veil is torn asunder, the illusion is pierced. Name and form and time and place, change and individuation are all seen either as illusion or as dependent reality.

He is not to me the unique bearer; for no one moment of history may do the work of all other moments. If it comes down to us in its uniqueness, it must be taken up into the uniqueness of this new historical hour. Jesus is not an image of God to me. The paradox of our being created in God's image lies in the fact that it is precisely God's imagelessness which is imitated and represented in the uniqueness of each new person. But Jesus is an image of the human to me-along with Job and Saint Francis, Socrates and Lao-tzu, the Buddha and Albert Camus.

It is not upon discovering what is the nature of the cosmos or the acosmos that includes or,is identical with the human being. The emphasis here is anthropological, it is human. It makes no statement about reality, except one thing, and that is that it changes: '~l things change, all things perish, all things pass away:' If we try to hold on to any part of existence, we will suffer. We will 16 A Heart of Wisdom suffer because the attempt to hold on goes against the fact of change. Our very enjoyment of this moment must mean our suffering and sadness in the next moment.

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